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My name is Meg Adams-Kraidman and I teach Zumba and other fitness classes in Encinitas, California, and online EVERYWHERE. The first time I tried Zumba, I knew I had finally found a fitness routine I could stick with. I struggled with my weight for years, and tried many different workouts, but I sensed that Zumba would be different. The music, the fun atmosphere, the easy-to-follow dance moves......I went to just a few classes and I was hooked! Within a few short months, I knew it was something I had to teach. I became certified in August 2009 and I've been spreading the Zumba love around ever since! Over the years, I've added other fitness formats and certifications, and now I teach a variety of classes to provide a well-rounded, full-body regiment.

Come get fit and happy!

Meg is a wonderful, kind, funny, encouraging Zumba Instructor. Come take a Zumba Toning class! You'll love the music & dancing! You'll burn calories and work out your arms, legs & glutes!

-Anitra G

Meg is by far my most favorite Zumba Teacher. She is positive, fun, & she kicks my butt every time. She varies her steps so you never get bored. I highly suggest you take her class. Both women & men!

-Jeffrey S

I highly recommend that everyone come and take a class from Meg. The class is a dance party every time and the best part about it is, you don't even have to know how to dance. It is perfect for every level and all walks of life :) Everyone is always welcomed with open arms! It is a time where you let go and let loose. Every time I go I can't wait to go back again:)
Meg is one of the most inspiring people I know. She is kind, loving, motivating, funny, encouraging, and lights up a room when she steps inside. I am so lucky that my path crossed with Meg's and I sure hope yours does too. So come and shake what your mama gave ya and you will keep wanting to come back for more!!

-Elana F

Meg is a sweet, generous, kind, inspiring woman, who can really shake a tail feather. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I always feel happy after her classes and ready for whatever comes next in my day. I highly recommend Meg's Zumba classes to anyone who wants to feel the joy of dancing like no one's watching. Try it; it's so fun!

-Nan G

Meg’s classes are awesome. She is fun, energetic, and has good music. I look forward to next time.

-Tami R

Class Schedule


9:30am Live Zumba

@ Cardiff Sports Park Expansion

5:30pm Live Zumba @ Encinitas YMCA

(membership required)


9:30am Virtual Zumba Toning

10:45am Virtual Stretch


11am Zumba Gold & Stretch (45 min) @ Solana Beach Library--FREE and open to all!


9:30am Virtual Zumba Toning


10:45am Virtual Stretch

12:30pm Live Zumba @ Encinitas YMCA

(membership required)


9:30am Live Zumba @ Cardiff Sports Park Expansion


10:45am Virtual Stretch(1-2x/month)

Purchase classes on a drop-in basis, or purchase a monthly plan for maximum savings
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